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Re-apaga, the charity foundation with the mission to make Armenia a Role-Model of Sustainability in the world and free it from the most harmful trash: Electronic Waste, announce the opening of the first online creative writing contest for the change-makers «Future leaders of the great Armenia».
The main aim is to raise awareness about the huge harmful impact of Electronic-Waste on the environment and human health and to spread the ideas about sustainable development among youth. The valuable prices will be awarded for the best works!
Deadline for the submission of your creative writings is September 23, 2016. Please, send your works to

The topics for the essays and age groups:
14-18 years old:
1. How can I make Armenia a role model of sustainable development?
2. What can we do with E-Waste?
3. Explain the statement: Sustainable development is the best pathway for Armenia?

12-14 years old:
1. If you were a president, what would you do in order to save the environment?
2. How can old electronic devices gain a new life?
3. Why do people litter? How can we make them clean up after themselves?

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protect the Environment and make Armenia great


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